Our expertise

Our professional interpreters and translators, drawn from all parts of Africa, work to very exacting standards.

All our linguists are native speakers who not only have outstanding language skills and expertise – they also have a detailed understanding of the culture of their country and the mentality of its people.

Thanks to their enormous linguistic diversity, at Mouzapp for Africa® we can offer our customers an extensive List of Languages.

Our interpreters are also able to follow the constant switching from one language or dialect to another during conversation – known as code-switching – which is very common in Africa. Furthermore, the interpreters’ code of ethics requires them to maintain neutrality and impartiality towards their conversation partner at all times.

For example, during police interviews, in conflict situations or in the context of medical care for refugees, the linguist is often required to show a certain amount of empathy and sensitivity – essential skills which should under no circumstances compromise their professional objectivity.

At Mouzapp for Africa® we stand by this principle. Our interpreters have the necessary skills and techniques to facilitate communication in an impartial manner, to reflect what is said accurately and transparently and to maintain a professional distance without being influenced by emotions.